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MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and JOC (Jet Orientation Course) training are one of the last steps for those pilots, whose dream is to fly commercially in an airline. Training consists of theoretical and practical training.

Practical training is conducted on the simulator FNTP II Alsim – Airbus 320!

MCC course teaches you effective cooperation, communication in multi-pilot crew and is obligatory in majority of airlines as one of the prerequisities.

First step – theoretical training / second step – practical training. Whole event is conducted by experienced instructor pilots, who work in an airline on daily basis.

Theoretical training consists of the following topics:

– communication;
– leadership and teamwork;
– situational awareness;
– workload management;
– problem solving and decision making;
– monitoring and controlling;
– task division;
– using of checklists;
– briefings;
– conducing/ managing a flight;
– FMS usage;
– SOP (standard operating procedures);
– abnormal and emergency procedures;
– environment, weather and ATC services.

After completion of theoretical training, you will be able to move onto practical part, which includes total of 20h on simulator FNTP II Alsim.

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