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Information about MCC JOC

Flight Training

Multi Crew Cooperation MCC :

The Multi-Crew Cooperation rating. To achieve this rating you will have 25 hours of ground studies and 20 hours in a simulator. Its aimed at teaching and showing skills necessary to work in a multi crew environment and promote the non-technical skills that will greatly contribute to aviation safety. This we estimate will take up to 1 week.

Jet Crew Orientation  JOC :

The Jet Orientation course is a mandatory prerequisite for many airlines when it comes to pilot selection. The rating displays your ability to work with a flight crew in the correct manner. These are essential skills when you work as a pilot for an airline.  The course we estimate will take up to 1 week.

Type Rating :

Adriana Aviation currently do not offer this rating. The Type rating shows that you are familiar with the type of aircraft you would be working with as a airline pilot. Pilots would not normally take this rating until they have received a job offer from an airline so they are able to know what aircraft they would be expected to work with.



MCC JOC training

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