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Information about MEP(L)

Flight Training

Privileges of holding a MEP(L):

MEP(L) entitles you to to fly multi engine piston aircraft. MEP(L) is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and is renewed via a flight test with an appropriate examiner.

Practical Training:

The practical will be conducted in a number of different ways. We offer this rating in a number of packages which we believe are the most effective way of becoming a fATPL pilot. If you just want to do your MEP with us you would fly 6 hrs in Tecnam P2006. 2.30 hrs of which would be instruction of normal procedures. 3.30 hrs would be instructions of emergency procedures and asymmetric thrust flight techniques.

Theoretical Training:

This can be done in two different ways. You can take your MEP theory exams when you are doing your practical training. Or you can take your ATPL(A) theory exams. We advise the second option as its a much more efficient way through the process.

Benefits of holding IR(A) ME(L):

The benefit of this license is two fold. Firstly it is a vital rating to attain if you want to have a career as a pilot. Secondly it allows you to fly multi engine aircraft. These planes are typically much bigger and more stable during flight. This rating allows to make flying more comfortable for yourself and any passengers you may have.



MEP(L) training

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How can we help?